Keep the Heritage Alive

Established on May 2017, Brisbane, Australia. Wicked Ugg Selection bring pure Aussie Uggs to the Market. As a historical heritage from Australia and New Zealand, Uggs have been widely popular around the world by its warmth and comforts. 

As in modern world, Ugg concept has been adopted by various shoemakers not only in Australia, but also prosper in Overseas, where the materials are cheap and quality controls are poor. As a result, ugg market in Australia has been dominated by UGG knock-offs, fake of the fakes from pop-up brands and unknown sources. In the meanwhile, Australian ugg makers has been shrunken significantly during the impact of low cost and poor quality “ugg” from overseas. As an Australian traditional icon, we heard people are struggling to found a real deal from the market which is unusual to us.

James and Vivian learnt the situation and decided to bring back the accessibility of genuine Aussie Ugg to the local. We choose ONLY the established Aussie brands together with our selected styles that stood of time to our fellow Australians. After four years test and error, we now have the widest variety of quality Australian Uggs available online and in-store. 

We look forward to assist you with our knowledge.


-James S. and Vivian L.